About us

OUR mission

At Doornrivier Safaris we aim to provide you as a hunter with the most authentic and ethical free range hunting experience. We are a family run outfit that place emphasis on a personal detailed hunting experience. We provide a holistic view of hunting in South Africa. Pulling the trigger is but a small part of the safari experience.

Every hunter will have the chance to see how tracking, recovery of the animal, processing the meat and finally trophy preparation works in our part of the world. In this way we believe that our hunters gain a deeper understanding and appreciation for the prey that they pursue. We have an indescribable passion for hunting and the natural environment as a whole. This passion of ours ensures that you as a hunter have a fulfilling outdoor experience, we care about the details. 

Our warm South African hospitality and the camaraderie around the campfire will make you feel welcome and forever imprint the spirit of Africa in your heart.

OUR history


Our homebase, the property Doornrivier has been in our family for close to 200 years. Over the years more land has been acquired to increase the size of our property. Initially the farm was operated as a livestock farm. Seasonal hunting took place to provide venison for the Hayward family, their friends as well as the workers on the farm. The property has been transferred from father to son for the last 200 years, and is currently co-managed by father and son team, Louis & William Hayward.

As the years went on, our family noticed the growing need to protect and develop wildlife habitats for future generations; to ensure our children have access to the same beautiful natural environment as we did. Therefore, the focus of the farm changed from livestock to predominantly game. We started offering hunting packages to clients 30 years ago. By switching to game animals we are able to preserve the natural environment more so than if the main economic activity is livestock. We believe that we are just temporary custodians on this piece of paradise we call home and we must preserve and leave it better for future generations… and so Doornrivier Safaris was born.

We are proud members of the Professional Hunters’ Association of South Africa, South African Hunting and Game Conservation Association, Safari Club International, KaiNav Anti-Poaching, and Houston Safari Club.