Firearm travel & customs

When traveling to South Africa with your own firearms and ammunition you are required to obtain an temporary import, transit and export permit. 

Rules and regulations for the import, transit and export of firearms and ammunition to and from the Republic of South Africa:

  • You may temporarily import a maximum of four firearms per hunter, special application can be done to import more than one rifle of the same caliber, but we recommend only bring one per caliber.
  • Local South African carrier Airlink allows the transportation of firearms. Please make sure that the domestic flight you are booked on to Port Elizabeth airport is an Airlink flight and so indicated on your travel itinerary. Other carriers flights will not allow you to travel with your firearms.
  • You may only bring ammunition applicable to the firearms that you bring into the country.
  • A maximum of 200 rounds of ammunition are allowed per firearm, there is however a weight limit of approximately 11 pounds on the ammunition to be taken onto the plane. This will differ to the 200 rounds so please make sure to weigh your ammunition before you depart.
  • No person under the age of 21 may bring firearms into South Africa or apply for a temporary import permit in his / her name.
  • The barrel, frame or action has to have matching serial numbers.
  • It is not allowed to import self defense firearms i.e. pistols/revolvers

Although firearm import and exit permits can be obtained at both Cape Town and Johannesburg international airport, we recommend that you apply for it prior to your arrival in South Africa. To ensure acceptance of such at the airport, a facility is offered whereby this may be pre-booked as a Special Service Request in respect of Sports Equipment (SSR SPEQ or SSR WEAP) through your travel agent or through the Airlink Helpdesk on Tel +27 11 451 7300 (select option 1) or

PHASA Pre-issue permits

We recommend that you make use of the pre-issue permits that PHASA (Professional Hunters Association of South Africa) offer. They will assist you every step of the way. Please follow the link to the import permit section of their website:

Air 2000 / Hunter support

We recommend that you use Air 2000 / Hunters Support to assist you in applying for these permits prior to your arrival in South Africa. By making use of their services they will apply for the permit on your behalf as well as meet you at the airport and walk you through customs to your connecting flight. Rates for this service must be confirmed with Air 2000 / Hunters Support. Please note that Air 2000 / Hunters Support will not accept any applications if the date of application is less than six weeks prior to the arrival date in South Africa. 

Air 2000 / Hunters Support requires the following documentation from you, it has to be filled in with a black pen. All certified documents must be signed and stamped.

  • Hunters support form
  • SAPS 520
  • Hard copy of your flight itinerary
  • Certified copy of your passport
  • Certified copy of US Customs form 4457 or license

Contact Air 2000 / Hunters Support for any queries.