in the field equipment


Bringing your own rifle on safari might give you some peace of mind, however there is paperwork involved in this. Visit our “firearm travel and customs” section under the general information for clarity. For those of you opting to hire a rifle with us, we will make sure that you get to spend some time on the range getting familiar with the rifle. Our rifles are top quality as we use them on a daily basis.  

For  small game we recommend that you use a lighter caliber: .222 ; .223 ; .243 will be sufficient. For the medium and large game a larger caliber rifle is required as to leave noting up to chance. African animals are tough. The following calibers will be sufficient for medium and large game: .270 ; 7mm ; .30-06 ; .308 ; .300 ; .375. For dangerous game you can only use a .375 and larger. Your PH will always carry a back-up .458 on dangerous game hunts. 

Ammunition selection is very important. For small game we prefer a monolithic/solid bullet as they cause less damage to the cape of these small animals. This will help your taxidermist a lot, specifically when it comes to animals that you want as a full mount trophy. For the medium and large game, we suggest soft nose expanding bullets. For dangerous game you must use quality soft expanding bullets; Barn X, Swift A-frame or monolithic rounds such as Peregrine.  Please make sure you bring a sufficient amount of ammunition for all desired trophies as well as a couple of extra rounds for the range. All rifles have to be tested before we head out hunting.

Bow hunting requirements
Species Min. Draw mass
Min kinetic energy
Min. Total
arrow weight
Small game
Medium game
Large game
If a hunter is using mechanical broadheads, 5% additional kinetic energy is required.

Although your professional hunter is equipped with binoculars and a rangefinder, we feel it will enhance your experience if you bring along your own. A camera is very welcome in the field as this will help you capture the essence of your safari for years to come. Your PH will be taking pictures throughout your safari, you can bring an external hard-drive/USB/SD card on which he will upload the photos for you.