hunting methods & terrain

We pride ourselves on being a free range, fair chase outfit. Our entire home base is low fence providing our hunters with a continues 100% free range hunting area of over 25 000 acres. We also have access to more than 300 000 acres of hunting concessions where other native South African animals have been reintroduced to aid conservation efforts. This means that only the outside perimeter of these hunting preserves are fenced, as required by South African law when reintroducing species to an area. There are no internal camp fences to keep animals in small enclosed spaces. These concessions are vast open hunting areas making all hunts fair chase. There is no such thing as an easy given hunt, you earn your trophy. We make use of spot and stalk as our main method of hunting. This provides the hunter with thrilling active hunts.

Nocturnal jackal hunting with predator calls are the only hunts we do from a vehicle as this gives us an elevated seat and a steady shooting rest. Bush pig hunting takes place at our bush pig baiting sites. Hunting for bush pig is thrilling, known as the “poor mans leopard” hunt. We have ground blinds available for the avid bow hunters.

The hunting terrain is extremely diverse: Hunt our national animal, the beautiful springbuck in shrub-covered plains. Spend some time in dense ravines looking for the elusive grey ghost of Africa (Kudu). If you are up to the challenge, try hunting some of our challenging mountain species. There are few feelings as satisfying as successfully harvesting your prey high up in the mountains after pushing yourself to your physical limits.

We encourage hunters of all physical abilities and ages to contact us, as we can tailor a safari to your physical abilities. We believe that there should be nothing stopping any person on this beautiful planet from experiencing the wonder that is the South African bush.